Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank You!


Apologies for not blogging for around two weeks. Things have been pretty busy with work and personal life.

I recently attended a Thanksgiving dinner at a friends place. My friend said a prayer to thank for the things he had. It reminded me that I had many things to be thankful for this year. One of things I am thankful for is this blog and it's many readers. I started this blog as a fun project to express my ideas on Trade Compliance and Trade Compliance IT. I never imagined that approximately 2 months after starting this blog I would have approx 400 visits and around 150+ unique visitors. Some of you have contacted me expressing words of encouragements. Some of you have contacted me asking for advise. I am glad you contacted me. I am sure we will be richer by our associations. I want to thank you all who are reading from all over the world for the time you spend reading my blog and sending comments.

Please continue to send your comments (the pencil icon under each post) as this is what is keeping me going.

If you want to read new posts on my blog you can easily do so by creating a gmail account and subscribing to my blog. You can subscribe to my blog by using the subscribe to option on the right hand side margin. You should choose Google in the drop down. Once you go into Google reader you will see the posts on my blog.

Thank You again to you all for reading!