Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Export Compliance Business Models and related IT solutions -2


I got some interesting comments based on my post titled 'Export Compliance Business Models and related IT solutions'. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of the comments and my responses so I am posting it a new post. Enjoy!

Hi Greg, Ashok and AnonymousThanks for your comments. My contention is that when a company has huge transaction volumes for export compliance screening it makes sense to have more than one platform. When I say huge I mean millions of transactions a year. If a company has a huge corporate/enterprise business and a small consumer business they can attempt to use one platform. To be able to do this will need to come up with hardware and software that fits both worlds. It's kind of like finding a cross between a classic car and a new sports car. To be able to achieve this the hardware will have to scale to the model that has more performance needs. Saying it differently this hybrid will need the sports car's engine. Also, the software should be configurable/modifiable enough to enable the two business models to coexist. Easy on paper but much harder to implement.As far as master data is concerned, the IT world is migrating towards product data hubs. I think this would be a logical place to store classification data associated with a product/sku. The product data hub would be responsible for real time communication of changes in classification to all the platforms. I will try and put out a slide presentation on this model in one of my future posts.As far as RPL master data is concerned, yes this will have to be maintained in each platform. Some software support automated updates with no human touch and in this case it wouldn't be a biggie. In the case where human touch is required it would be small price to pay compared to creating a hybrid between a sports car and a classic.The reexport sounds very similar to the enterprise/corporate type of business and the deemed export similar to the consumer business so we could put them on those platforms.If you would like to connect please send me an invite on linkedin.Let me know your thoughts.