Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cool Tools 1 - Export Compliance Dashboard

I am starting a new category in my blog called cool tools. Whenever I find a tool or product that I find interesting and useful I will share.
I was on the export compliance training institute website and found the export compliance dashboard:
It's a cool tool you can download for free be providing some personal information.
The dashboard lets a trade compliance specialist look up EAR, ITAR, OFAC regulations, denied party lists etc.. from one single spot.
The tool can be periodically updated using the check for updates button on the dashboard. The result of this action tells you if you have the latest regs or you need to download a new version.

I thought this was a cool tool. Did you?



james c said...

Thanks for the tip on the export compliance tool. I think it will save time researching export compliance regulations due to the consolidation structure of the dashboard.

Anonymous said...

I can give you guest access to our product TradeFox if you wish? You will be impressed. Import and Export regulations in one easy interface. Includes updated schedules and links to other web based information

Anonymous said...

Another cool tool is TCDI dXTR, the first in a series of mobile applications being developed by TCDI in support of the export community.

Right now dXTR allows users to hold a current International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), in the palm of their hands. It also provides free content updates, rapid ITAR search and retrieval capabilities in the space of a single mobile application for the iPhone and the iPod touch. On the near horizon, TCDI will add iPad capabilities also introduce the EAR.

TCDI has been supporting the arms control community for over 25 years, providing technology support to both government and industry. I love having the ITAR handy. I can't wait for the EAR! I wonder what they will do next.

dXTR is on sale now at the iTunes store and more information is available via